Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrating ""40" years!

It seems like yesterday, how could it be? August 2nd was our 4oth wedding anniversary. Forty years was how long the Israelites were in the wilderness. Sometimes it felt like wilderness but that was far outweighed by the joy of being loved by a wonderful man. In the beginning, I was head over heals and say it was "love at first sight". But I realize that it was more like stepping into a fairy tale and being the princess. I now know the prince! Let me describe him to you.

My prince is a man of integrity. His yes is yes and his no is no. He lives with his heart, a soft heart, a gentle heart, a giving heart. He is one of those who "gives the shirt off his back". He is strong, a hunk and a hulk!! His strength is not only in muscle but in standing firm in the face of disappointment and loss. He is not only tall (dark & handsome) but tall in character. He's my lover and my friend, my mate in everything. He's my Mr. Fixit, jack of all trades, steady, sure. I could go on and on but the greatest thing about my Prince is that he loves the King! We have loved the King together 30 years and that has made all the difference. When you both know the King and you both love the King, all other things come into order and right perspective. When you both know the King and you both love the King, all the other things become more lovely and precious.

Long before we knew the King, He knew us. And although we were unaware, He was always aware that we would be together. And He had a plan, that we would be entwined with Him, not only happy but complete as a "3 stand cord". He has become our dwelling place, He in us, us in Him. What began in our hearts so long ago was to bring us to this wonderful place and time we live in and celebrate today. As our hearts were overtaken by the King, they became more and more one. There has been a union, a coming together that only the King and time can accomplish.

So we hail the King! The one who brought us together, molded us together and holds us together. And just as the Israelites came into the land of Promise after 40 years, we too step into all the promises yet to be lived! We proclaim that the latter will be greater than the former and the best is yet ahead!!