Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Within...

I'm walking in a new season of life. From within. In order for me to describe this I have to share a prophetic word that was spoken over my hubby & I this past April. It begins:

The picture I get is of the two of you standing on a bluff overlooking a wide expanse, open as far as you can look in every direction. It is beautiful, breathtaking. What is remarkable is there are no roads, no path. It is just this huge expanse. There is this sense, "ok, we are ready to move, where do we go"? Deep down inside, He has placed a desire in the two of you and that is the path, that is the way. It is what He has for you. Allow those dreams and desires to be stirred up again. I am seeing them arising out of you. It is time for what He has placed deep within you to come forth. It will not be defined from others, from the outside. So stop looking there. Trust what He has put in your hearts. As you learn to live in His presence, as you bask in His love and the joy of that, He will just overflow out of you.

We have spent months trying to "figure it out" and all the while knowing that is exactly what we were told not to do. So, we just "found" ourselves sitting back, taking in a deep breath, deciding to just do what was in front of us for the moment, pretty much laying it down and keep (as a friend of mine says) livin' life!

And we found it! What's inside is family. God's family. Dads and moms, sons and daughters! In the last several months, low and behold parenting has bubbled up. Now we still love being natural parents and grandparents but a new love and desire has grown for us to consciously parent in the faith and encourage, teach and release others to do the same.

So, we are pregnant again. Pregnant with expectation that when "fathers" are looking for their lost sons, they will come home. Pregnant for those that haven't found a home to have a home, with a "dad" and "mom" to greet them. Pregnant for increase in the family of God and that everyone there will be loved, cared for and would grow up and have Christ formed in them according to Galatians 4:19. And everyone knows, when you are pregnant, life will come forth. What is within, naturally comes forth and is held.

What are you pregnant with? Nurture it, look forward to it and wait on the Lord and when the "time has come", what is within, will come forth!!

And lastly, God's heart is for family and Godly offspring. Hopefully, you are walking in being a son or daughter of God. And while you will be forever His son or daughter, he calls you to bring forth Godly offspring, He calls you to become a father or mother, perhaps in the natural, but for sure in the faith. Along with the Father, we are calling forth fathers and mothers!!