Saturday, September 27, 2008

He makes me....

Psalms 23 says, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me..... Hmmmmm, ever feel like you're being made to do something you don't want to do? Yeah, me too. There are things that are not comfortable, convenient or even pleasant and, therefore, I don't want to. But He makes me. He has his reasons. Just like when my sons were young, I made them do things they didn't want to. Such as go to bed, take a shower, do their homework, be kind to one another. Why did I do it? Because they needed it or others needed it. And just like I had my reasons, He has His reason for "making me".

In School of Ministry class this week we learned about authority. Pastor Herb was describing a portion of scripture and likened it as "putting iron into us". It brings strength and straightening. Discussion ensued and I began to see how we are on a journey of life. And on that journey, there are some tests, and by the way, they are all open book! But mainly, our Maker is making us. He puts things in and he removes things. At times the putting in is pleasant and satisfying, at times it's like trying to put a dress shirt and tie on a young boy with mom trying to still that wiggling boy from running away! He takes things out and often it feels much like a real loose tooth or splinter, we want it out but getting it out brings discomfort and sometimes downright pain!

I really don't want to remain the same. I choose the "making" of my Maker. I want Him to put things into me and take things out of me to straighten and strength me. And He is wanting to do it because I NEED it. I need for Him to show me where I am "twisted and messed up" because He is my Truth mirror. I want to reflect Him because I am made to reflect Him. When I "saw" Him and gave my life to Him, I ask Him to make me like Him and He is doing just that, He is making me. For that, I am grateful. It is best for me AND best for others. Then I can "let my light so shine before men that they will see my good works and glorify my "Maker" in heaven.

So, what do you think, what is He wanting to "make" in you? What "loose tooth or splinter is He wanting to remove from you? And what does He want to put in to you to strengthen and straighten you?

Monday, September 15, 2008


During worship on the second day of the gathering, I was thinking of those at home. In the advertising of this 24/7 worship gathering, they invited people to come and receive an impartation to take back to where you came from. I began to think about that....

How does one impart this? How does one bring someone else to or give them a heart of love and worship? No human can, only He who is Love Himself can. The Person of Love. Love is a person. Love came, Love demonstrated Himself and Love calls. Again, we love Him because He first loved us.

You must want this person. You must want him more than a clean house, you must want Him more than straight A's, you must want Him more than a promotion, a career. You must want, want so deeply that you'll step aside from all others, all things and search. Search through the night, search through the day, search in places where He is found. He is in the crowd, but He's not in the crowd. He is in the noise but He's not in the noise. He's in the ordinary, but He's not in the ordinary. When you search for Him you will find Him IF you seach with all your heart (Jer 29:13). You can't do the same things and find Him. You must come away, you must pursue Him. You must want Him more than food, more than friends, more than anything you could buy or obtain. You must be willing to lay down all othes and all things. You must desperately want Him. Willing to search and if you haven't wanted and haven't searched before today you can right now! And if you lack the desire to search, ask Him, He'll give it to you.

You were born for this Love. You were born to be loved by Him. Come before Perfect Love and be perfectly loved!! And pray... "I want to find You and be found of
You. Find me Lord. Find me searching for You. Draw me with loving kindness, draw me with Your tender mercies. Draw me with cords of Love that cannot be broken!

Psalm 9:10 Lord, you have never forsaken those who seek you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A taste...

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! I have tasted and He is good! This past week I traveled to Colorado Springs to be a part of Dutch Sheets 24/7 worship gathering. This began 90 days ago when during a meeting on Fathers Day, the Lord's Presence fell heavily upon them. Dutch felt that they were to only host the Lord's Presence for 90 days. No preaching, no teaching, only hosting his Presence. Do you remember the story of when David refused to continue moving the Ark to Jerusalem because of the death of Uzzah when he touched the ark to keep it from falling? He left it at the home of Obed Edom for 3 months. Scripture says that everything was blessed and increased for Obed Edom.

So, I joined this 90 day gathering on day 87. It was moved to the civic center and people from all over were invited to join in hosting the Lord's Presence. No preaching, no teaching. It was 24/7 ministering unto the Lord. At times we were on our faces, lying prostate in awe. At times, we were dancing and shouting in celebration & joy before Him. It was a taste, only a taste of saints from all walks of life gathering for one thing, to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

We all had one thing in common, the One who loved us first. Before we knew Him, before we turned to Him, before we received His precious gift of love and redemption. We all turned our gaze toward Him. The heart of the Father of all Fathers' heart was turned toward us and His children turned toward Him. That was His plan from the very beginning, face to face fellowship. Beholding Him and seeing His eyes of love and acceptance for us and resting in the security of it. We could never earn this love, never in a million years. It was always there, eternal, without condition. Ahhhhhh, how wonderful, how inviting. And that's what we did. He invited us and we invited Him. He loved us and we loved Him. He drew us and we willingly came to Him. Oh, how He loves us. Our love is so small compared to His!!

And now I know I want more, not a visitation but a habitation. It isn't enough to visit Him now and then, I want to dwell with Him! He has ravished my heart! I will never be the same!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the fast lane...

I think I am in the fast lane on those 6 and 8 lane highways. You know, the ones that are designated for the car poolers. They get to go faster than everyone else alone in their cars.

I originally thought I would get to blog at least weekly. What happened to the weeks? It seems like only days and I'm flipping the calendar. And now we haven't just flipped to another month, we have flipped into the next season! Oh my!

There are positives to all of this. I don't have trouble sleeping, and I am fine with the early to bed thing. I'm not bored, there is always a "to do" pile, life is definately not dull. Life is exciting. New places, new things. Like the great visit we had with friends last week. We actually were experiencing a dream come true in their lives, building a new home! And next week, I'm off to Colorado Springs to spend a few days worshiping and hosting the Lord's Presence with Dutch Sheets and others from around the nation. Bored no, living an adventure, YES!

I've said over and over I don't want to be a senior citizen living in Florida waiting every day in the buffet lines. So I guess God took me up on it! No Florida, no waiting, no buffet lines (well, maybe one or two once and awhile). I'm fine with it really. Because I'm getting to see God. I'm getting to live in the Kingdom. Now. Today. Here. Life goes on in the Kingdom (remember, they don't sleep). Could that be why we are so busy our waking hours? My grandpa use to say, "you can rest when you die". There are a lot of things old people said when I was little that I don't think were right. I don't think they meant any harm. Like sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Oh, how wrong that is. I had names plastered into the walls of my life, layer upon layer. And they hurt. They hurt me, they hurt my kids, they hurt others.

I'm glad I've been given a new name. It has wiped away all other names. It has freed me and freed others too. I've learned the voice of Truth. His words are kind and gentle. They pick me up. They clear away the dust & grime and cleanse me. This name sets me on a path of destiny!

I pray today that in the fast lane of life, you will hear His name for you. That wherever you are headed, it will be purposeful and a great adventure. If you haven't heard your name from the voice of Truth, I pray that you will step aside for a little. Take a rest. Find a quiet place and listen.....