Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've been so blessed already with cards and gifts that have come in the mail. Their words and thoughtfulness have filled my heart to overflowing. It does a heart good to know that your life has affected others with good things.My Mom graduated this earth 3 years ago on Mothers Day to be with the Father. He must have had some banquet prepared as I know of three moms who He brought to His table to honor that day!

I still miss her terribly but I am so thankful for all the wonderful years I had with her. She loved God with all her heart, soul and mind. In fact, she ended most of her prayers, "and I love you Lord with all my heart". She said it outloud for everyone to hear without regard for her reputation.And on that Mothers Day when she went "home", she preached a message that I think was her life's legacy, "Love and Honor your mother". It was a message she lived. Not because her mom was so easy to love and honor. In fact, just the opposite. She was placed in an orphanage as a small child and was in and out of 7 foster homes. In one of those homes she was locked in the closet everyday when the father went to work because the mom really didn't want her. Abandoned and rejected many times, she still chose to love.

Eventually she was taken in by a family who walked in Fathers love. They loved her and taught her how to love and forgive. I am so grateful to the Lord and to that family for all they did in my moms life! For giving her what she didn't have: a place to belong, unconditional love and acceptance! What a difference someone with Fathers' heart can make!I was one of the recepients of that love. I am so grateful for my mothers choices. She could have held on to pain, she could have been angry, she could have done what was done to her but she didn't. She chose a different way.

Mom, I love you with all my heart! You are the best! I know you are having a grand time with the One you love. And I also know that you are persistent with the Father in getting all your petitions answered. Thanks for the legacy, I promise to pass it on.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Movin' on....

It's been a week since Fred's "retirement". The best part is he's not tired all the time. He use to come home every day after work and NEED a power nap! Not so anymore. It's amazing how a days stress zaps your energy!

And he's reading books. Yes, he finished one and has almost finished another. He's reading more than me and I love to read! I'm turning out the light before he does!! Another great plus!

He's also enjoyed helping others. He loves mowing, edging, grooming a lawn not just mowing it! There is a difference. Just walk around and you can see the difference between a mowed yard and a groomed lawn. He's great at it if I must say so myself!!

The last 2 days we got to go out and run errands together and not rush. He actually went to the store with me. Anyone who really knows him knows he's no shopper! And we enjoyed the time together!

We are so blessed for this time in our lives. Although we don't know what we will be doing in the future, we are determined to enjoy the journey, the scenery along the way!

Papa has given us such a gift, each other! And I'm grateful that we can enjoy this time together with Him.

I pray that where ever you are today and whatever you are doing, that you enjoy the journey with Him!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A new journey

Life has it's twists and turns. We traveled that road for so many years! It reminds me of the days when Fred was in the military and we would drive across the U.S.. Leaving PA and going west we couldn't see the road 1/2 mile ahead of us but when we got to the midwest and west, we could see for miles and miles!!!

We have just made a new life decision. No longer are we going to travel the same road. We are leaving the land of "normal". The land of knowing day to day. The land of routine. And since we are no "spring chickens", we have been traveling this way a lonnnnnnng time.

What is life like outside of "normal"? To us it is a foreign land. It's like flying to a new country, coming in at the airport and now what? I'm not even sure we speak the same language.

But here is what I do know! We am not alone! My God has brought us out and my God will bring us in! I also know that He knows what we need. If He takes care of the birds of the air and the lily's of the field, He knows us! He will watch over us and guide us. Where? I don't know but He knows. And perhaps where isn't really important. Perhaps the journey is the important thing and who we meet and what we do when we meet them.

It might be nice to consider this a never ending vacation from normal. But vacations have a tendency to be all about getting away to rest and play. I do know that rest is a great aspect of leaving the land of normal and the normal busyness of each day. I really don't think we are leaving normal to go to vacation. I know we aren't leaving normal to go to retirement. I am not a fan of that word. It reminds me of old people in Florida standing in buffet lines. I'm not going there!!! It seems boring and selfish if you ask me.

I want to climb the mountain of the Lord, I want to soar great heights with Him. I want to discover Kingdom living, and do mighty exploits, slay giants and see what I've never seen before. I want to live in a place that is never normal! In this world but not of it!

So, from today, I will "Trust in the Lord with all my heart, lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct my path". (Proverbs 3:5-6) Let the adventure begin!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dreams do come true!

Just this week, I had a dream. We were with family traveling across the country and everywhere we went people came to Jesus. It was so exciting and so easy. My heart was thrilled with all we were seeing the Lord do.

This weekend, we had our oldest granddaughter, Gretchen, to celebrate Easter and her birthday. She will be 10 this week, 1 day before her Pappy's birthday. When we were traveling in the car Friday, we began to have a conversation about Jesus. I asked her if she ever invited Jesus into her heart. She said, "no, we don't do that at my church". We talked more about it and I explained to her in 10 year old terms what happens when you invite Jesus into your heart. She said she would like to do that but I didn't want to do it in the car driving and wanted us, Fred and I, to do that together with her.

We stopped at the christian book store to buy some cards and she found a little ring she liked. I thought that would be a great "token" for her to wear remembering when she invited Jesus into her heart.

On Saturday, Fred and I sat down with her and talked a little more and then she invited Jesus into her heart! What a great time to come into the Kingdom, Easter weekend. And we were thrilled to be the ones who was leading her to the Lord. We have always believed that we were given this special child for just that reason.

I later remembered the dream. It was so easy. And this was too. At the right time, when the Lord had prepared her heart, He allowed us to have this wonderful experience of leading our granddaughter to Christ. "Papa", You are so good! Thank you for granddaughters, and thank you for preparing her heart, and especially thank you that we can always remember that prior to her 10th birthday, in our living room, we lead her into the Kingdom. To thine be the glory!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

the one who Jesus loves

Have you ever prayed and wondered, "does God really hear me"? I am becoming more aware that He hears every prayer. This past weekend we were out of town and we had a chance to attend another church. The worship was incredible and I so enjoyed worshiping Him, throwing myself before Him, waving the palm branches of my heart, as those along the road did when He entered Jerusalem on a donkey before the passover feast. The song of my heart was all for Him, my love being poured out for the One who loves me.

After the service, a woman came to me and asked if she could share something with me. She had a beautiful glow and I knew she was a woman who loved Him too. She had watched me worship and said the Lord was so pleased with my worship, my heart of love toward Him that He found delight and pleasure in my worship. And then I remembered my prayer, "oh Lord, let me satisfy Your heart". It was a simple prayer but a heartfelt prayer. A weeping prayer of my heart. A prayer of one who knew she was loved and was only atempting to love this the One who loved her in return.

I love the gospel of John. John knew he was loved. Not just in his heart but knew in his heart. It is the same knew that describes Adams knowing Eve, intimately. So intimately that he called himself, the One who Jesus loves. Some might say this is prideful. I believe it is confidence. There are 5 different places John says that about himself. If you read them, you will see that Jesus told him things He didn't tell anyone else. That he gave him things he didn't give anyone else, that he was able to outrun others and became the first to be with Him. He knew Him when others did not and followed when others had not.

Oh to know that I am the one that He loves! I do know that! I have learned it by "leaning against Him". I have heard His heart, His gentle voice and experienced His embrace. It is enough to know that He loves me. That alone satisfies my heart. However, because of that deep love, I know He lets me know more. John gives us a look at what is received when you know you are loved. Father reveals secrets to him, He gives Him a further glimpse. Revelation comes to those who know they are loved.

I, like John, will declare that I am the One that He loves. If you do not know that beyond a fact in you head, I pray that you will pray a simple pray, "let me know you love me". He will hear you, He will show you!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm so happy!! I love spring. I love that life is peeking out from under the drab of winter. I love the hope that spring brings. It's automatic for me! I love life as a whole but there is something that happens deep within when it begins to get warmer and I start to see green bursting forth and birds singing.

And it is nostalgic for me too. I had a spring baby. He was due the first day of spring but he seemed to like the safety within so he waited one more day. And then, suddenly, I do mean suddenly, 54 minutes of labor, he burst forth!!! Thank God I was in the hospital or he would have spilled out who knows where! Again, new life, and what a wonderful life it is!!

I am grateful for God and His great wisdom of the seasons. It is one of the Creator's masterpieces. They roll over and over, no two alike, however constant in their coming. Each has it's own wonder and treasures within. I wonder.....what all does this spring bring? I love the bluebirds that already have appeared in our backyard. What a treat Lord! I love the many bulbs that are already springing up all around the front of my house. I love the warm air, all the people I see outdoors now. Longer days, planting pansies and planning projects.

Perhaps, it is all a result of the Resurrection. That great event that gave us real life. Perhaps creation celebrates His resurrection with spring. Sounds like a great idea to me. So Father, if there is anything dead inside of me that needs resurrected, I pray that it will come alive with all of creation this spring. I love that you are alive within me and you bring forth life. With all of my effort I cannot do it, it springs forth from You!! Again, I say thank you, Father, for giving a gift so wonderful it makes my heart sing and my feet dance. I praise You, for spring, for resurrection of all that was dead and lifeless to be brought back to life, and to every treasure that will burst forth in the days ahead. My soul does magnify the Lord!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts concerning transition....

My great friend "livin life" inspired me this morning. She posted her thoughts concerning transition on her blog, you have to check it out! She's great and I love her lots!!! I got to thinkin....

I have found that life really is one transition after another, kind of like the seasons. Ohhh, I love certain ones better than the others, like the breaking forth of Spring and the warmth of summer and the beautiy of fall and the reminder with every fresh snow that my sins have been washed just that clean.

But there are things in each season that are work, not fun. Like getting the ground ready for new plantings, pruning back what died over the winter, the unbearable heat, raking of leaves and cold north winds.

I know that I will find things I can enjoy in each season and things that are hard, disappointing. And I know that "this too shall pass".

I am grateful for everything the Lord reveals to me, some in the good, and some in the hard and difficult places, knowing that each of the revelations, whether in the good times or the hard ones, brings me closer, makes me wiser and matures me in Him. I think they call it "seasoned".
So, I cherish what I am taking from the season I am leaving and I look forward to finding Him in the new season I am about to step into. For He is good, and His mercy endures forever!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My story

I have a story, I was lost, looking for love and acceptance...I have found I am totally loved and accepted by Father God!

Please take the time to watch this and then share your story:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Finding myself in Him

I've been so enjoying "Papa" lately. I find my heart just wanting to be with Him. He is so inviting!! It wasn't always this way. I was a maidservant for so many years and grateful for the position but there is nothing like being a daughter. And the great thing is that even when I didn't see myself as a daughter, He treated me that way.

I so love to be with Him. We don't have to be doing a thing, in fact, I like it when we are just hanging out. I can just crawl up and be with Him. No conversation is necessary either. I love just hearing the constant beat of His heart. I am comfortable with Him, at peace and find such rest.

And like Moses, when it comes to leaving, I reply, "if you aren't going with me, I'm not going". I want Him a part of everything I do and everywhere I go. And you know what the best part is? He WANTS to be a part of everything I do and everywhere I go. We're BFF!! Only more, He loves me more than any of my best friends, He protects me better than any best friend, and He is always with me 24/7, closer than any best friend can be.

I hope you are enjoying His Presence too. If not, why don't you stop, sit a spell, and invite Him to sit with you. I promise, you won't be sorry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am filled with His grace

Last night was our last class on the "Gifts of Grace" (Romans 12:6-9). (for those who don't know, my husband and I are students in the School of Ministry at Christ Community Church) It has been so eye opening to me. I found myself! And you know what else I found, it was Him all along, His grace in me!

Since Jesus is all the gifts of Grace, (prophesy, serving, teaching, exhortation, giving, administration and mercy) He is actually demonstrating Himself through us! How cool is that? And I also see for me personally, the Grace's I most function in, He was that for me first. That is how I discovered it in the first place and that is why I understand somewhat what it looks like and how it functions. And I found that the gift of Grace flow out of the heart of the Father for us and for others.

You know what else I discovered? That when all the gifts of Grace are functioning, not all in me but others functioning in their gifts of Grace along with me, a full expression of Christ is seen! I have learned to embrace the gifts of grace carried in my brothers and sisters. It is fun to bless Christ in others and how much a blessing it is to have them display Him by functioning in their gifts of Grace. It is so freeing not to have to be all things to all people. It is a joy to defer to others that they may display His Grace.

I thank God that He has expressed His Grace to me, that He expresses His Grace through me and that His Grace resides in every believer to give a full expression or picture of Christ to the world!

So I ask you, what gift(s)of His Grace in Romans 12:6-9 has Christ expressed in you that He wants to display through you to others? If you have Christ in you, you have all these gifts because He is all of them but He has given you one or two primary ways for to express Him. Ask Him to show you today and do it with the heart of the Father from which it was poured into you!!