Friday, May 8, 2009

Movin' on....

It's been a week since Fred's "retirement". The best part is he's not tired all the time. He use to come home every day after work and NEED a power nap! Not so anymore. It's amazing how a days stress zaps your energy!

And he's reading books. Yes, he finished one and has almost finished another. He's reading more than me and I love to read! I'm turning out the light before he does!! Another great plus!

He's also enjoyed helping others. He loves mowing, edging, grooming a lawn not just mowing it! There is a difference. Just walk around and you can see the difference between a mowed yard and a groomed lawn. He's great at it if I must say so myself!!

The last 2 days we got to go out and run errands together and not rush. He actually went to the store with me. Anyone who really knows him knows he's no shopper! And we enjoyed the time together!

We are so blessed for this time in our lives. Although we don't know what we will be doing in the future, we are determined to enjoy the journey, the scenery along the way!

Papa has given us such a gift, each other! And I'm grateful that we can enjoy this time together with Him.

I pray that where ever you are today and whatever you are doing, that you enjoy the journey with Him!


Livin' Life said...

That's just so darn cool!! Maybe he could come over and impart his lawn care wisdom to me. I would love to have my plants thrive and not just survive! :) Also we just mow we don't groom our lawn. How do you groom a lawn? Things I need to know.

Iam4Jesus said...

That's a wonderful testimony.

Peace and Rest... :)

I turn off the lights a lot now too. :)