Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm so happy!! I love spring. I love that life is peeking out from under the drab of winter. I love the hope that spring brings. It's automatic for me! I love life as a whole but there is something that happens deep within when it begins to get warmer and I start to see green bursting forth and birds singing.

And it is nostalgic for me too. I had a spring baby. He was due the first day of spring but he seemed to like the safety within so he waited one more day. And then, suddenly, I do mean suddenly, 54 minutes of labor, he burst forth!!! Thank God I was in the hospital or he would have spilled out who knows where! Again, new life, and what a wonderful life it is!!

I am grateful for God and His great wisdom of the seasons. It is one of the Creator's masterpieces. They roll over and over, no two alike, however constant in their coming. Each has it's own wonder and treasures within. I wonder.....what all does this spring bring? I love the bluebirds that already have appeared in our backyard. What a treat Lord! I love the many bulbs that are already springing up all around the front of my house. I love the warm air, all the people I see outdoors now. Longer days, planting pansies and planning projects.

Perhaps, it is all a result of the Resurrection. That great event that gave us real life. Perhaps creation celebrates His resurrection with spring. Sounds like a great idea to me. So Father, if there is anything dead inside of me that needs resurrected, I pray that it will come alive with all of creation this spring. I love that you are alive within me and you bring forth life. With all of my effort I cannot do it, it springs forth from You!! Again, I say thank you, Father, for giving a gift so wonderful it makes my heart sing and my feet dance. I praise You, for spring, for resurrection of all that was dead and lifeless to be brought back to life, and to every treasure that will burst forth in the days ahead. My soul does magnify the Lord!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts concerning transition....

My great friend "livin life" inspired me this morning. She posted her thoughts concerning transition on her blog, you have to check it out! She's great and I love her lots!!! I got to thinkin....

I have found that life really is one transition after another, kind of like the seasons. Ohhh, I love certain ones better than the others, like the breaking forth of Spring and the warmth of summer and the beautiy of fall and the reminder with every fresh snow that my sins have been washed just that clean.

But there are things in each season that are work, not fun. Like getting the ground ready for new plantings, pruning back what died over the winter, the unbearable heat, raking of leaves and cold north winds.

I know that I will find things I can enjoy in each season and things that are hard, disappointing. And I know that "this too shall pass".

I am grateful for everything the Lord reveals to me, some in the good, and some in the hard and difficult places, knowing that each of the revelations, whether in the good times or the hard ones, brings me closer, makes me wiser and matures me in Him. I think they call it "seasoned".
So, I cherish what I am taking from the season I am leaving and I look forward to finding Him in the new season I am about to step into. For He is good, and His mercy endures forever!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My story

I have a story, I was lost, looking for love and acceptance...I have found I am totally loved and accepted by Father God!

Please take the time to watch this and then share your story: