Monday, April 6, 2009

the one who Jesus loves

Have you ever prayed and wondered, "does God really hear me"? I am becoming more aware that He hears every prayer. This past weekend we were out of town and we had a chance to attend another church. The worship was incredible and I so enjoyed worshiping Him, throwing myself before Him, waving the palm branches of my heart, as those along the road did when He entered Jerusalem on a donkey before the passover feast. The song of my heart was all for Him, my love being poured out for the One who loves me.

After the service, a woman came to me and asked if she could share something with me. She had a beautiful glow and I knew she was a woman who loved Him too. She had watched me worship and said the Lord was so pleased with my worship, my heart of love toward Him that He found delight and pleasure in my worship. And then I remembered my prayer, "oh Lord, let me satisfy Your heart". It was a simple prayer but a heartfelt prayer. A weeping prayer of my heart. A prayer of one who knew she was loved and was only atempting to love this the One who loved her in return.

I love the gospel of John. John knew he was loved. Not just in his heart but knew in his heart. It is the same knew that describes Adams knowing Eve, intimately. So intimately that he called himself, the One who Jesus loves. Some might say this is prideful. I believe it is confidence. There are 5 different places John says that about himself. If you read them, you will see that Jesus told him things He didn't tell anyone else. That he gave him things he didn't give anyone else, that he was able to outrun others and became the first to be with Him. He knew Him when others did not and followed when others had not.

Oh to know that I am the one that He loves! I do know that! I have learned it by "leaning against Him". I have heard His heart, His gentle voice and experienced His embrace. It is enough to know that He loves me. That alone satisfies my heart. However, because of that deep love, I know He lets me know more. John gives us a look at what is received when you know you are loved. Father reveals secrets to him, He gives Him a further glimpse. Revelation comes to those who know they are loved.

I, like John, will declare that I am the One that He loves. If you do not know that beyond a fact in you head, I pray that you will pray a simple pray, "let me know you love me". He will hear you, He will show you!!


Anonymous said...

Good Word.

It's so very exciting to see and hear the confirmation of our answered prayers!

It's nice to see you back in town. (just missed the Blizzard eh?) :)

After His heart said...

No, I didn't miss the blizzard. My Lord goes before me and the blizzard is behind me!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

Classic MaMa said...

John is my lean my head on his chest and feel his heart beat...sigh...